MyGig fix and 120 GB native storage hack for Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge, Mitsubishi and VW

A friend of mine owns European version of 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee (with MyGig RAW). His system was restarting in a random way, didn’t start at all or if it started – everything seemed to work except of… AM/FM radio. Even though radio stations were present – there was silence. That was quite frustrating. Jeep offered a brand new radio for $$$, BOSCH auto service said they can’t help, others wanted to begin working with it but it seemed they had no clue how to start…

There are much more cars than Jeep that use the same or very simmilar audo/video/navi system called MyGig. Also, there are many sites where you can find a lot of information on this topic. For example here is the full list of car models.



I found out that the system runs on automotive industry version of Linux-like operating system using 2.5 inch IDE ATA100 HD drive that is just the same like typical laptop drive, except it is said to be automotive standard and extreme temperatures proof. The original one that was inside the system was SAMSUNG HM031HC – 30 GB duramatic (which suggests that it’s more durable).

This is what I learned from my numerous walks to the car and back to the computer:

MyGig radio has flash, build in memory that stores information needed for very fast booting (starting) and external HDD that stores data (maps, POI, address book, music files, photos etc.) The “system” is located on flash memory and “data” is put on HDD. These two work together very closely and it may happen that HDD fault (any kind, even temporary) may lead to “system” memory corruption. This corruption may but doesn’t have to cause trouble and sympthoms can be numerous and wired. From my PC experience – if your computer behaves oddly (it hangs, reboots etc.) and there is no key to this behavour – it’s probably faulty RAM (apart from overheating, and some nasty viruses). It’s also possible that the system probes all functionalities and if the test can’t be passed it goes wild (this would be programmers fault as this situation should lead to some visible error message or log, but maybe I didn’t inspect it deep enough).

I came to the conclusion that I have to fix the internal memory first.


MyGig update process

How to fix it? Flash it! How? Updating the system! Here you have changelog of all system updates and a lot of other interesting things (just for your information).
To update to the latest version – follow instructions on this site. By the way – I don’t know how they did their images, they offer maximum of 60GB image, but it may be a great solution for non-RAW version owners (As I don’t have other disk images. At least not yet.).

Updating is easy and it takes about 10 minutes. Start the engine before you start the update process. Remember to put your HDD inside the unit before the update – it’s updated as well. It is likely that your radio works well again. At least for some time.

After that consider one of the following:

1. Backup your HDD – Follow disk duplicate procedure using dd command

Linux: sudo dd if=/dev/sdx of=MyGig_backup.iso conv=notrunc
OSX: sudo dd if=/dev/rdiskx of=MyGig_backup.iso conv=notrunc bs=1m

Please note: sdx and rdiskx is your hard drive. On Linux you can use lsblk or lsusb, on osx – “diskutil list” to see what is the drive real name as it may vary.

Once you have your image file you can buy another IDE ATA100 HDD of the same size or more (I suggest a typical laptop drive) and duplicate it OR keep the file in safe place and do it when your HDD dies.

2. If you own REW (Europe) version of MyGig – buy 120 GB IDE ATA100 HDD or more and put the image I prepared (download available in the sidebar of this page). I used FUJITSU MHV2120AH (just because I had one).

fujitsuI think my friend is one of a few persons who has 100GB of native data storage (the rest is used for navigation etc). It is possible to prepare disk image of any size for REW, it’s also possible (I think) to put it on solid state drive. If I had other MyGig models images (duplicated from working systems) – I could prepare images for any HDD size.

Other things I noticed:

The system needs some time after “severe” changes. If you unplug it, take it out and put it back – it may not work at first but if you simulate that you went back home locking the doors and came back – It will greet you with the logotype and working system Sometimes it takes even a minute! It also happened that it turned on right after I started the engine, but that could be incidental.

Your system turns off after about a minute – you will hear your HDD going off – this is the “real reboot”. Don’t expect changes before that – it’s in snooze/hibernation only. You can recognize a real restart if your system is looking for satelites after starting.

I suggest not to buy CAN BUS to read errors (there was none in my case). Don’t look for hardware failures (cables, sensors, battery) as long as you are not sure that you run the latest software version (v2.404) and your hard drive is 100% ok.

Be careful when you disconnect the hard drive. It’s better to loosen the cable moving it up/down than left/right.
Breaking the cable could be a pain. I suppose it’s not easy to buy it.

It’s not true that if you break the update process you have 100% chance to lose your radio forever. The way the system is designed solves this common issue and it doesn’t change anything as long as update process is finished. But…

I don’t take any reponsibility for any damage. It’s always better to put this notice… Please don’t re-upload the files I publish. Link to my post instead.

If my hard drive image and my work helped you out – please consider donation of any amount you find resonable.

If you think I could help you, do not hesitate to contact me. Put your comments below and share your results.

UPDATE!!! It was not the hard drive! The new hard drive and the oryginal one were perfectly fine! The problem is ST10 chip! If you still encounter troubles with the system – go into engineering mode by pushing “seek up”, “seek down” and “menu” at the same time. Go to ST10 errors and look if there are any. I’ve found loads of errors like “module 3h faulty, module 2h faulty, module xx faulty” etc.

expert_mode_1 expert_mode_2expert_mode_3

It seems that ST10 chip is faulty. After a fresh system update (v2.404) there are no errors in ST10 log and the radio works just fine (factory settings recovery and fuse removal may do the same). Problems begin when you try to store some information on that chip (I believe driver’s presets are stored there, radio stations presets may be stored there too).

To sum up – if you have this problem, your MyGig system is faulty. You can have your radio playing well if you won’t store any information on the SL10 chip – If you do – it will have trouble reading them and random restarts, delayed start or no sound will happen again.
It seems that system update from CD will always bring you to the same starting point when ST10 logs are clear and radio works.

If you are a pro – you could find this chip inside the unit, buy a new one, flash it with programmer using a .bin file located on update CD – it could be 6819_UPD_PV2.bin and soldier it in the place of the faulty one.

Good luck!

2 thoughts on “MyGig fix and 120 GB native storage hack for Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge, Mitsubishi and VW

  1. This is very interesting. I was thinking of upgrading my hard drive to a larger one. Between 80 GB and 120 GB. Will it cause any harm to clear errors IF there are any before I put a larger hard drive? I wonder if a IDE pata 2.5″ SSD Hard Drive would work? No moving parts in this hard drive. How much do I have to donate to your PayPal account to get this info from you? I live in Canada. Thanks.


    • I don’t think pata drive would work – you would have to switch to sata somehow. Possible, but I wouldn’t recommend it. There are sata ssd drives though. The problem is the themperature. Most SSD drives claim to work well in 0 – 70 ℃ operating temperature. It is likely that -20 will not harm them, but… There are industrial ssd drives that would probably fit, but I guess prices are quite high. My procedure was to clone copy partitions and after that I extended them using linux. These are not typical linux partitions, but QNX ones. I think it is a good idea to clean errors before you start. If that helps you out $5 donation is just fine

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